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Memberships Mini Course

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This mini course will help you overcome obstacles when creating a successful membership by providing you with the tools and knowledge to map out, build and grow an online membership. You will gain confidence in your business and attract a community of engaged customers excited to join your journey. My proven track record of success with online memberships and satisfied members guarantees that you can trust me to guide you through the process. There's 3.5 hours of video trainings in this course to help business owners create a successful & profitable online membership, providing a steady stream of income and allowing you to give enhanced customer support and adding scalability to your business model. In this Memberships course, you will learn the following: If a membership is right for you What to include in a membership How to fill your membership How to retain members Upsell and backdoor sales PLUS: Have access to resources such as: Membership components checklist 20 social media launch templates 23 set webinar slide deck I have run 5 memberships throughout my time as an online business owner. I currently run two successful memberships that I love pouring my expertise into, and I have honed a system for consistent sales and member retention. Get my insights and leave with a structure and checklist to follow for your membership journey. NOTE: Included in portal for Gold Plus+ members & Facebook G.R.O.U.P.S Program (Please don't buy if you are in either of these)

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