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BUSINESS SUPPORT FOR WOMEN Gold Plus+ Want to get your systems in place so your business world can finally stop spinning? Do you need the 'How To' learning now, rather than more mindset stuff?​ Are you ready for a support network that keeps you accountable and moving forward? Gold Plus+ is where we provide business support and learning for online business tools, marketing strategies and social media. This includes getting your email list growing and buying! We do this TOGETHER. If you’re in my class, you know I have your back. I give incredible value, care about everyone, and ensure no one is left behind. I am so excited to welcome you to... GOLD PLUS+ What's involved? Business support for women during term time: 👩🏼‍🏫 Wednesdays Class 12 pm GMT - Week 1 - Lesson on Social Media or Online business (Live, available on replay) Week 2 - Q & A (Live, available on replay) Week 3 - Mastermind - Strategy Call on zoom Week 4 - Template drop 📚 Drop in Homeroom - co-working session 10am GMT on Thursdays What's included? Our Gold Plus+ Facebook group and messenger chat Gossip Gals Gold Membership Log in to the website where you will find past lessons and the school library 📚 Monthly Templates! PLUS free bonus classes worth £69! 😯 Facebook Groups Masterclass - Set up to Sales 😮 Trello Tutorial with board templates 🤩 Profile 2 Profits Masterclass 😯 Social Media Content Plan Masterclass The best business support for women membership around!

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