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"I have had 2 sessions with Emma for business mentoring as I needed some support to set up and deliver a webinar, which is something I have never done before. Emma has been so helpful - professional and kind all at the same time. She is very knowledgeable about marketing and gives excellent, specific advice about how to get information across. She is extremely patient and walked me through every step and detail, keeping it all at my own pace. I came away feeling confident that I could do it! I would highly recommend Emma to anyone who needs support and advice and most importantly to feel able to ask any questions and not feel judged! Thanks, Emma, I will definitely come back for more support in the future"

Anne - Parenting Coach

"I have recently had a couple of 1:1 mentor sessions with the fabulous Emma Whalley. It has so helped me bring everything together and I'm much more confident using Canva now. Please feel free to browse my group, if it interests you, Best Life - Healthier, Greener Living. I was procrastinating until Emma and I put our heads together. Highly recommend Emma, who helped me do in an hour, what had been trickling for weeks. Her knowledge and advice - priceless. Thank you xxx" 

Jo - Pilates Instructor

"All the sessions I've had with Emma are helpful, leaving with clear actions and a plan. Highly Recommend!"

Natalie - Sales Mentor

"Emma is a superb cheerleader of women in business networking. Without joining Social Savvy School I wouldn't have been focused enough to achieve my success and I would have left everything til the last minute, The accountability of Social Savvy School has really taken my business from a place of inconsistency and insecurity to consistent secure, You've completely changed my business. Thank you so much for creating something so unique and magical. It's brilliant!!!"

Yvonne - Business Coach and Holistic Practitioner

"Being part of Gossip Gals Networking has been invaluable to my business - I have been welcomed into a family of intelligent, eclectic and knowledgeable ladies, a group that is supportive and happy to advise and listen. Gossip Gals is a women in business networking group like no other I have been part of - the importance of building and cultivating relationships and friendships is the basis of creating lasting and positive business contacts and links - LGG is the ideal platform for this as businesses in the same sector are encouraged to work together and collaborate rather than compete."

Louise - Craft Shop Owner

Linda - Author and Writing Course Provider

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"A massively supportive women in business networking group headed up by Emma Whalley who has been so generous with her business advice and guidance for anyone who needs it, I am so grateful for the benefits I have found from being a part of Gossip Gals."

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