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Discover how to generate leads through your personal profile without being salesy and move prospective clients forward after meeting them in facebook groups. Fully explained with tech guidance for setting up your profile to lead to profits. ✅ One hour Masterclass. ✅ Slides of Presentation ✅ Profile 2 Profits Checklist What did people say about this Masterclass? Janice Bradshaw – “This was so good. May take me a while to sort out my profile. Thank you 🌞” Shobukai Aikido Preston – “This is really helpful thanks Emma - your more than welcome to link Aikido 😂” Jo Best – “Love that tip re public as I can do that with some posts x” Rebecca Miller – “Thanks, some fab ideas. You've really helped me see how to tie my personal page to my group once I set it up.” Steph Wilson – “Just listened this morning. Thanks Emma - I like the idea of life events (didn't know they existed)” Carol May – “Great stuff! Thanks Emma! X” Lynne – “I couldn’t believe the value you gave in the masterclass. I had so many questions before I watched it but I learnt so much, It’s answered them all! Thank you.” Samantha – “I took your advice from your Profile 2 Profits Masterclass, and changed my profile, I watched it all, it was so enjoyable and informative, I loved it and can I say you’re so down to earth you’re a lovely person so thankyou!”

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