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How to Create an Online Course

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Create, Market, Sell an Deliver a Profitable Online Course. This is a comprehensive self paced online course. We all want to do less work for more money, right? Do you have one to one clients but can't fit any more in and what to leverage your knowledge but save your time? Creating an online course is definitely a great option for you. BUT it's not just the creation! It's the Marketing and selling your online course that makes it profitable. This course takes your step by step with 35 videos of showing you exactly what to do to create, market, sell and deliver your online course. What does the Course include? Mindset Modules Building your audience Email Systems Course Delivery Plan Course Graphics Setting up your course Lead Magnets Creating Presentations Creating Landing Pages Social Media Marketing Goal Setting Advertising Launching Selling you course Content Planning Testimonials This course will be phenomenal for your business. Not only will it help you create an extra source of income for your business, but it will give you the opportunity to help and support more people, opening up your work and credibility to wider audiences. This version of the course has no mentoring included, however you can book mentoring sessions in at any stage of the course at a reduced rate for you. Just book in a free 30 min chat to arrange these and go through what you've learned and your ideas.

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