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45 Pack of the Ultimate Pre-Challenge Social Media Templates!


We all know that a successful challenge or launch isn't just about the main event itself – it's about the buildup, the buzz, the anticipation. And to create that, you need content. Well thought-out, captivating, valuable content. But who has the time for that, right? Well, I've done the heavy lifting for you.


Introducing the Pre-Challenge Social Media Templates, a powerful pack of 45 carefully crafted designs to elevate your online presence and effectively promote your upcoming challenge, masterclass, or workshop.


These templates aren't just pretty to look at (although they're that too, with their alcohol ink navy and gold elements). They follow a comprehensive content strategy that's been proven to engage and excite audiences. Think value posts that impart wisdom, behind-the-scenes posts that add authenticity, countdown posts that build anticipation, and so much more!


Share your story in a way that resonates with your audience, cement your authority in your field, and spark engaging conversations. We even have "breadcrumbing" question posts designed to lead your audience along the journey towards the main event and "You're in!" posts to celebrate those sign-ups.


But I haven't stopped at pre-packaged content. I want you to make these templates your own. That's why I've made them fully customizable using Canva. Adjust the colours, tweak the fonts, modify the elements – adapt each template to align with your unique brand.


And the best part? You get all this for just £16.


Six weeks of impactful, strategic content that not only engages your audience but also guides them, step by step, towards signing up for your challenge.


Don't just prepare for your next big event – anticipate it, promote it, build up to it, with this Pre-Challenge Social Media Templates. It's not just a smart move, it's your next move. Are you ready to elevate your online presence and get your challenge group filled?

Pre-Challenge Social Media Templates

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