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For successful email marketing mastery, this Email Sequence Planner & Terms Guide provides everything you need.


Are you ready to level up your email marketing efforts? Whether you're a seasoned marketer or a beginner, our Email Sequence Planner & Terms Guide is the ultimate toolkit you've been waiting for!


For just £22, you get access to a goldmine of resources designed to simplify and supercharge your email marketing.


  • Comprehensive Email Sequence Planner: From sign-ups to conversions, our planner helps streamline your campaigns and guides subscribers through their journey. Customise each sequence to fit your specific business objectives - be it a product launch, welcoming new members, or post-event follow-ups.

  • Email Sequence Ideas: Never run out of creative juice with our handy list of engaging email sequence ideas.

  • Email Checklist: Ensure your emails are top-notch and ready to go with our comprehensive pre-send checklist.

  • Email Marketing Terms Glossary: No more stumbling over jargon. Our guide breaks down complex industry terms into clear, digestible definitions, empowering you to understand and optimise your email campaigns fully.

  • Performance Terms: Master key performance indicators to measure the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns.

  • Email Analytics Tracker: Keep tabs on your campaign performance with our convenient tracker, providing valuable insights to improve your strategies continually.

  • Deliverability Tips: Learn the tricks of the trade to ensure your emails land in your subscribers' inboxes, not their spam folders.

  • Powerful Tips & Best Practices: Discover proven strategies for crafting compelling newsletters and engaging email sequences that your audience will love.

  • Monthly Email Overview: Stay organised and keep track of your email campaigns with a clear, easy-to-view monthly overview.

  • 30 Email Ideas & 30-Day Email Plan: Never be at a loss for content with a month's worth of email ideas and a plan to execute them effectively.


This is not just another guide; it's a strategic blueprint that simplifies email marketing, empowering you to craft and navigate campaigns that resonate with your audience confidently.


For only £22, you receive an instant download, printable on A4 paper, brimming with expert tips, and lifetime access to a goldmine of email marketing wisdom.


Only £22

Instant Download

Printable on A4 paper

Contains Expert Tips & Strategy Inside

Lifetime Access




Email Sequence Planner & Terms Guide

  • This is a PDF download. You will not receive anything in the post.

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