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Take Your Business Further with Our Facebook Group Launch Planner


I'm so pleased to offer you an invaluable tool, the Facebook Group Launch Planner, skilfully created by our very own Emma Whalley, a Facebook Groups Expert. For just £12, you can make a real difference to how you engage with your audience and advance your business.


A Facebook group is more than a mere extension of your social media presence; it's a powerful medium for establishing a meaningful rapport with your audience. Our Facebook Group Launch Planner, available for a one-time investment, is here to assist you with that.


The planner will lead you through key stages such as formulating your group's mission and title, adjusting vital settings and features, and attracting the right audience - a community that will align with your brand and support your business growth.


Our planner is instantly downloadable and can be printed at home. In essence, our Facebook Group Launch Planner is about fostering an active, engaged community that provides real value to your audience. 


If you're ready to begin this exciting journey, you can download your planner straight away. We're here to support you and look forward to hearing from you soon. Enjoy this experience!


  • 27-page Planner
  • Instant Download
  • Print at Home
  • Audience Building Strategy Inside
  • Only £12


Set up your Group for Success with the Facebook Group Launch Planner

Facebook Group Launch Planner

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