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Master Facebook Group Management with the Ultimate Self-Audit Workbook


Managing a successful Facebook Group is both an art and a science, requiring strategic planning, creative thinking, and data-driven decision making. To streamline this process and set you up for success, I present to you the all-inclusive Facebook Group Self-Audit Workbook!


This isn't just a workbook—it's your ultimate guide to transforming your Facebook Group into a thriving, engaging community. With a variety of checklists, worksheets, templates, and planning tools, it equips you with everything you need to audit, optimise, and manage your group like a pro.


Here's what you'll find inside this game-changing guide:


Comprehensive Self-Audit Checklists - Review your group's setup, structure, rules, engagement, and more. Identify areas of improvement and take immediate action to optimise your group.

The Name Formula Worksheet - Craft an eye-catching, appealing group name that attracts your target audience and embodies your group's purpose.

Thoughts and Ideas Section - A dedicated space for brainstorming, allowing you to map out your vision and strategies.

The Identify Worksheet - Understand your unique offers, identify your unique selling proposition, and learn how to best communicate it to your audience.

Prompt Brainstorming Guide - Generate a treasure trove of engaging post prompts to keep your content fresh, engaging, and interactive.

Featured Posts and Membership Questions Checklists - Ensure your featured posts are on point and your membership questions are perfectly crafted for new potential members.

Guides and Group Management Checklists - Streamline the management of your group with these handy tools.

Monthly Content Planner - Plan out your content in advance, ensuring a consistent and engaging content strategy.

Leads to Convert Pipeline - Track your leads, manage your conversions, and understand your sales process better.

Cover Banner Templates - Grab the attention of your audience with professionally designed, customisable cover banner templates.


Make your Facebook Group standout with the Facebook Group Self-Audit Workbook. It's time to stop the guesswork and start managing your Facebook Group with a clear and effective strategy. With this all-in-one workbook, you're not just preparing for success—you're ensuring it.

Facebook Group Self Audit Workbook

  • This is a PDF download. You will not receive anything in the post. It is printable on A4 paper.

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