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Help your audience prioritize their mental health with our Wellbeing Tips Quotes Social Media Templates. This pack includes 52 completely editable templates, one for each week of the year, providing a continuous stream of valuable and motivational content for your followers. Each template is filled with insightful mental health and well-being tips and quotes, perfect for raising awareness, starting conversations, and fostering a supportive online community.

Ideal for wellbeing coaches, therapists, mental health professionals and anyone else looking to create a positive impact online. The pack is easily customizable on Canva, allowing you to seamlessly align the posts with your brand.

Grab our Mental Health Social Media Templates today and start spreading positivity and awareness! This completely editable social media template pack is perfect for professionals looking to uplift and inspire their audience with thoughtful content.

You can change:
✔️ All content
✔️ Font Colour
✔️ Font Style
✔️ Font Size
✔️ Backgrounds
✔️ Photos


✔️ 52 beautifully designed social media templates with unique design elements
✔️ Canva link for easy editing
✔️ Ideal for Instagram, Facebook, Threads, LinkedIn


Wellness Coaches
Mental Health Professionals
Self Care Coaches
Micro and Small Businesses
Emotional Well Being Mentors
Anxiety Coach
Anyone wishing to spread mental health awareness and positivity!

Enjoy and get creative!

Mental Health Social Media Templates, Well Being Tips Quotes

  • Templates - please do not resell or redistribute these files - they are not for resale.
    Social media - please do not resell or redistribute these files - they are not for resale.

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