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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

When it comes to marketing your small business, social media is a brilliant tool. Unless you choose to advertise, it’s completely free, and the potential to reach your target audience is huge! Having said that, social media only works well if you have that all-important engagement. There’s seriously no point in having thousands of followers if they don’t engage with your posts. Think quality over quantity every time!

Why is engagement so important?

So, just how do you increase your levels of engagement, and why is it so important?

When someone engages with you on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn, whether it be by a like, reaction, comment or share, or by watching a video or story, that platform will begin to show more of your content to whoever interacted with that post. Also, the more engagement you receive on one of your posts, the more it will be shown to others too!

Once you start receiving engagement, the great thing is that it starts to build for a day or two, which is why regular and consistent posting of relevant and enticing content is key to increasing your visibility.

In this article, I have five fab engagement ideas for you to use in your small business.

1. Engage with others

It goes without saying that social media is just that - social! So, take the time to comment on posts from your fellow small business owners and strike up a conversation. Not only is this a great way to support others, but you’ll soon find that these people are just as keen to support you too, especially in our warm and friendly Gossip Gals community! It’s also super-important to make sure that you reply to followers who have commented on your posts. It may sound obvious, but this often gets neglected, and it’s seriously bad form!

2. Use the Business Pages newsfeed

This is a great little tip and something that you could try and incorporate into your daily routine. Facebook lets your business page like other business pages too, and there’s even a special feed where their posts will appear. Spend some time scrolling through this feed and interacting as your page. This is a brilliant way to do some ‘mini networking’ for your small business!

3. Tell a story

When you run a small business, you are the brand! People want to see you and feel as if they’re part of your journey. When you share photos and videos of you, your workspace, something that you may be working on or a sneaky peek behind the scenes; you’ll notice that your engagement will rocket! Tell your story, share your enthusiasm and let people know why you love what you do. Let your audience in and start to build that crucial emotional connection.

4. Add value

Create content that is valuable to your audience and packed with your unique brand personality. Whilst there’s nothing wrong with some ‘fluffy content’ now and again, always try to incorporate posts that really add value for your audience. Some examples could be top tips, how-to’s, blog snippets, demonstrations and FAQs.

5. Go live!

This is my ultimate top tip for increasing your engagement! Facebook Lives experience three times the level of engagement than typical videos that are shared on social media. How awesome is that!? Facebook Lives also enable you to really connect with your audience on a much deeper level, and quickly build that vital ‘know, like and trust’ factor.

Are you ready to sky-rocket your engagement?

I really hope that this article has given you some food for thought and you’re ready to put some or all of these ideas into action.

If you’re ready to massively boost your engagement and your sales, why not book in a POWER SESSION with me to get your engaging posts rocking for the month


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