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Discover The Best Business Women Network Events To Grow Your Business

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Now we've entered 2023, I feel there is a real surge of wanting connection, community and a business women network. It's been a funny few years for the world, hasn't it?

Here's the rundown of the last four years for our business women network - Gossip Gals:

2019 - We were hosting six women in business networking meetings across Lancashire a month. Getting regular attendees and new ladies coming along. Selling out venues and opening up new ones to accommodate the people wanting to attend.

2020 - We took the networking meetings online for women because of the lockdown restrictions. Initially, this didn't work so well as we'd had the business women network happening in person for so long. That's just what people were used to. Many had never even heard of Zoom never mind using it regularly for business networking opportunities!

2021 - Gossip Gals Networking events online were in full swing. We had opened up to the wider world of business women wanting to network across the world! We had people from America, Australia, Portugal, and Barbados, to mention a few places people were logging in from. The buzz of online connections had saved a lot of business women networks from being lonely when working from home.

2022 - Growing the business women network was going from strength to strength and people were making bonds outside of the online meetings in the Facebook group and beyond. Even meeting in person going for coffee together. We also had a tentative attempt at re-starting the Lancashire networking meetings in a very informal way by meeting for lunch at a local cafe - The Mill at St Catherines Park, Preston.

It was lovely to catch up over lunch and build lasting friendships as well as talk a bit of business together. These were not official business women networking meetings but a fun way to connect. Unfortunately, not enough people were coming to make it worth carrying on doing. They were free meet-ups in a cafe so quite easy for people to cancel last minute.

2023 - This year, it's like something has switched and women's business networks are back with a bang, ready to make connections IN REAL LIFE! It's such an exciting time! So already I've been to one in-person meeting in which I was the spotlight speaker. I've got another booked in soon AND in February, I have booked a room for our very own Gossip Gals business women network meeting!! I cannot wait. Already it's half full, so really looking forward to seeing more of the ladies who came prior to the lockdown.

Why am I so excited for this breath of fresh air for business women networks?

Networking can be a powerful tool for business women to expand their business opportunities and increase their circle of influence. Through the process of networking, women can meet new people and create relationships that will help them learn about new business opportunities, gain access to valuable resources, and build their reputations. Women in business have the power to use networking to their advantage, and when done correctly, it can be a valuable resource for any woman looking to advance her business success.

For example, I was sat with a friend I've made from our business women network last week and she said, just coming to the meetings she picked up 2 pieces of advice that changed her business for the better. Things she didn't realise she didn't know. Now she's implementing the tips and seeing more activity happening in her business!

When you discover the power of networking it can really make a difference in boosting your business growth. I love hearing others say they recommended someone to their colleague or friends and family. That is a powerful thing!

Below is a list of some business women networks you might want to look into. Of course, you're more than welcome to join ours at Gossip Gals!

Business Women Networks to note:

1/ Gossip Gals Networking

Meetings 3 times a month, £10 per month to join or pay as you go from £7 online. Now available in-person networking meetings in Preston Lancashire.

2/ Tribe Networking

Meetings twice a week, £45 per month. No extra cost for meetings. Meetings are all online. The occasional in-person meeting in Bristol

3/ Women in Business Network

Meetings weekly across the UK in person and online. £275 a year to join plus £28 per meeting (includes lunch)

4/ Pink Link Networking

North West UK based networking meetings. £27.50 a month for 2 monthly meetings or pay as you go for £20 a meeting.

5/ Wow Web Networking

Online networking for both men and women. Two meetings a week on a Monday and Wednesday. £40 a month including some LinkedIn training benefits.

These are some of the best women’s business networking events that offer unique formats and opportunities for business camaraderie and growth. By attending one or more of these events, you can connect with other women and develop your business skills while growing your network.

It would be great to see you at one of our friendly meetings either online or in person. As I say, I'm super excited about our first in-person Gossip Gals Networking meeting in 3 years! So definitely check out coming to that on Monday 6th February 11 am -12.30 pm.


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