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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

If you’re hesitating about the benefits of networking meetings, then let me tell you about my experience.

I’d done practically no networking for my new business when I crossed paths with Emma Whalley (Facebook Group Mentor), on LinkedIn.

She told me about Gossip Gals Networking, and I decided to try a networking meeting.

Up until then, I’d done virtually no networking, online or elsewhere.

I was pretty green.

I was just starting my new journey as a copywriter, after having to pivot career-wise following Lockdown 1.0

I immediately felt at home with the format of the meetings.

Though nervous at the thought of having to talk for 5 whole mins (eek! Talking to an audience is not my strong point!) about myself and what I do, the welcoming, friendly atmosphere put me right at ease.

That’s the great thing about Gossip Gals meetings, there are no Queen Bees, you feel part of a sisterhood!

Everyone is there to be informed and inspired by one another and make each other comfortable.

The first meeting I felt nervous trying something new, but not like the ‘new kid’, there was nothing ‘clique-y’ about the meeting.

As I started attending more meetings I began to make friends and recognise more people, and it grew organically, where I’d make friends with other Gossip Gals on social media.

As a result of attending meetings, I began to get more ladies asking me to do copywriting or blogs for their businesses.

I can honestly say that the format of Gossip Gals’ meetings allows for an organic process of introduction.

You get to know people, make friends, and gradually you find you’ve actually got a client base as well as a support network!

I’ve learned lots of things attending Gossip Gals meetings as well, about social media, and about all the different and exciting things women in small business do to help each other.

It’s a community like no other.

Most importantly, I’ve gained A LOT of personal confidence from being in the meetings and making connections, I’ve learned how to talk to and listen to people.

It’s boosted my profile, and given me confidence in myself and what I do!

Try it out for yourself, you won’t regret it!

Victoria Chadwick is a copywriter and content editor, who enjoys writing copy for women entrepreneurs and business mentors. If you'd like to know more about Victoria click here:

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