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Updated: Jun 13, 2022

It’s the brand-new social networking app that everybody’s talking about! A favourite with celebrities and influencers alike, but you may be wondering what exactly is Clubhouse and whether it’s worth using for your business.

So, let’s delve in and find out a little more!


Clubhouse is an invite-only audio app that’s currently only available for iPhone users. However, developers are also working on an Android version.

Clubhouse is all about real-time conversations. When you sign up, you can choose a whole host of topics that may be of interest to you. The more interests you pick, the more the app will recommend rooms for you to join, and people for you to follow.


I personally think that Clubhouse is terrific when it comes to raising your profile, building your authority and connecting with new people.

Here are my top five tips for using this new app to grow your business!

1. Head to the smaller rooms first

Sometimes entering the big rooms on Clubhouse can feel a little intimidating. The smaller rooms are more intimate, and far better for making genuine connections and having more in-depth conversations. Just like at one of our Gossip Gals networking meetings!

2. Join in the conversation

When you enter the different rooms, it’s a little like being on a conference call. Some people will be speakers, and some will be listeners. If you fancy being a speaker yourself, then you can virtually raise your hand to ask to talk. It may sound daunting but do try to hop up as a speaker whenever you feel comfortable. This is a great way to increase your following on Clubhouse, as the more people hear your voice, the more they feel they resonate with you and are likely to give you a follow. So, be your fabulous, usual self and get involved!

3. Host your own room

Hosting your own room is easier than you may think and the support on the app is fantastic! So, don’t be scared to start a room of your own. It’s a fantastic way to demonstrate your authority and show off your personality. Title your rooms around conversation points. For example, I’ve held rooms with titles such as ‘What motivates you in your business?’ ‘Celebrate success’ ‘Share your wins this week’ and ‘Frazzled to Focused.’

4. Don’t feel the need to follow everyone back

If someone follows you, don’t feel the need to follow them back. If you are thinking of following them back though, it’s important that you check them out first!

5. It’s not all ‘sell, sell, sell’!

Just like any networking event or social media post, don’t go straight in with the heavy ‘buy my stuff’ attitude! As always, it’s much better to start conversations and engage with others.


I’m a massive fan of Clubhouse, mainly because I love chatting! It has a really cool dynamic to it, and it feels much more like natural human interaction. It’s not just for business people either, as you can select a massive amount of different topics of interest.

If you would like me to moderate a room with you or collaborate on a room related to women in business, please email me at I would love to support you.

We have our own Gossip Gals Networking club, so come and find us! You can also follow me at @emmawhalley.

See you there!

Emma x


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