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Online Networking for UK based women in business

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

Gossip Gals Networking UK meeting

This is the second meeting we’ve had for the UK wide group. It was such a good meeting and great connections between us being made. Lots of themes running through our businesses and made us gel so well. I just love how these meetings help us get to know each other.

At this meeting we had:

Joanne Walls from The Alternative Florist Jo has been a PE Teacher since 2002. After having children she’s opened up in business to be more a present mum. Working with Scentsy business and The Alternative Florist hand making felt and button flowers

Son Marie been teaching for 20 years Teaches mindfulness meditation and Pilates, aerobics, Tum and Bum, latino at Namaste fitness group. 18 months ago Sonia, stopped drinking alcohol for a lifestyle change and then decided to train as a meditation practitioner. Now she runs the free group. Mindfulness meditation tools. Works Balantynes gyms normally but has an online studio now for £5 a week with lots of live classes.

Kate Kitchener an army wife, started doing her business because she needed a business to be able to up and move with her. Her online business is Arbonne international vegan, carbon neutral company for health and wellness. Everything from baby care, skincare, fitness support products and supplements and cosmetics. Also Jive lessons in Penwortham on a Thursday night in normal times.

Soaad Patel from the clothes boutique called Ayeshas Attire. Soaad started her business named after her daughter. She hand selects pieces that are selected to empower women and build confidence.

Victoria Baxter a clinical psychologist dealing with peoples emotions. Has linked the psychological with emotional eating. Victoria had a 20 year journey with weight watchers but not got anywhere and now giving face to face and online with Love Food, Live Well and Dr Baxter Clinical Psychology services.

Nicola Combe - Morecombe wills and estates , also doing funeral plans. Worked as a digital consultant for big companies. With her husband being critically ill the importance of wills, power of attorney - affordable piece of mind. Absolutely affordable personal at home or online service plus gives 5% to cancer care

Lynne Webster works as a key worker during the day in the civil service. Always an active lady she was looking for a business to do around her work and also demanding family life. Has done a lot of research with how bamboo is so good for swap plastic and throw away products for bamboo which is completely biodegradable. Bamboo Toothbrushes, face clothes, bamboo face pads and cot mattress protectors. Why bamboo- it’s one of the fastest growing plants in the world, naturally hypoallergenic. Baby Bamboo and Beyond

Gail Kelly - Personal bespoke jewellers repurposing jewellery so it’s useable. Lost her husband and all her family apart from her children and started making jewellery out of broken jewellery to turn something good out of something bad. Very professional set up for the jewellery creating process. Dealing with sentiment and memories. Using fair traded diamonds and traceable for her company On A Carousel working with extremely quality designers

Sharon Dickinson working for Tropic Skincare. After being a mum for years she wanted something for herself and meeting different people. Moved online now. Great for self care and amazing for the eco friendly living that she is so passionate about too.

Emma Whalley from Emma’s Self Care Hub offering free daily card readings and distance reiki at the moment plus private card readings available. Emma started her self care journey with being a mum to a child with special needs and found it so important and now is bring it to others to help with relaxation and guidance.

Our next meeting are available to book on here.

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