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Online Networking Meetings in Lancashire!

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We’re getting some great feedback about the online meetings and how they are helping people so it’s so heartwarming to hear that and may long continue with our fantastic community in this group At the online Preston meeting in the evening last week we had Anne Millne-Riley from awareness coaching, Confidence Guru . Fantastic Therapist, Confidence and business coach. Working online via Zoom. I really lovely lady that is easy to talk to, also with a fantastic book out on Amazon called the confidence guru. And has recently set up a helpful group on Facebook called the resilience group where she is helping people through this time. Joanne Walls from The Alternative Florist. PE teacher and mum of two boys Joanne has always been into crafts and physical activities. She made her own wedding bouquet from felt and buttons, which was amazing. Now Joanne is making bouquets hair clips, easter decorations and lots of creative things from felt. Julie Uw Ibrahim Saves us money on our bills for gas, electric, Phone, Mobile, broadband, boiler cover plus cashback on online shopping. A fantastic service for us right now as I think we all need to save money where we can. Julie misses tea and cake with her customers however it’s now offering online consultations to help more people. Gemma Whewell has two businesses are very creative and lovely lady. Working at loft in Fulwood offering precious stone facials and massages with Himalayan salt rocks with holistic_beauty_with_gem Plus a really pretty creative talent in making Macrame for cream catchers, pot plant hangers and bouquet holders at minimalist_macrame both on Instagram Marie Bateson from cut the clutter. Fantastic to know this woman for clearing the clutter in bedrooms, Dining rooms, in your office, paperwork, any hoarding that you have! she is currently looking at workshops live so watch this space to help you during lockdown. Contact her on the website; Paula Roullier from CELESTIAL ARTS: Académie Fellowship . Paula is extremely experienced all things digital including videos editing content creation website. She works with small businesses to help with any digital demands you have for your business helping Heartcented businesses also offering a free course to teach you how to build a website yourself and a support group at CELESTIAL ARTS: Academie Fellowship. Claire Justice Is a nurse working for the NHS in Bolton in critical care. We sincerely thanked Claire on the zoom meeting for doing her work as we completely appreciate every day she is working and her courageous team. Claire also runs a Aesthetics business called JUST Aesthetics in Croston, offering injectable which look beautiful and natural. Also in Bond in Preston and other salons in Wigan and Maudsley. Rach Alice our friendly Forever Living rep who is a mummy of 2, one being a cute newborn. Working in social work and wanting to spend more time with her family she now is doing fantastic with aloe Vera products for healthy living for skincare, supplements, household products and bee products. Ceri Keighley from Tropic Skincare with Ceri. On maturity leave with her little boy currently, Ceri looked for ages for good skincare and finally found great products that work with Tropic. She’s doing great and offers virtual pampers online.

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Helga Whitehead
Helga Whitehead
Apr 07, 2020

That's great Emma, we now realise how important this social networking is. Before this virus crisis we enjoyed it (or not!) but now it is absolutely necessary. I am looking forward to the virtual meeting on Tuesday 21st April. Love, Helga xxx

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