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Social media tips for small businesses

Updated: Dec 14, 2022

“Time is what we want most, but what we use worst.” – William Penn

Do you feel like social media is a time suck, but you know you need it to promote your business?

Do you plan to get the most out of your social media channels but get stuck in a scroll hole when you get on there?

Do you look at others on social media and think, ‘how can they be everywhere online AND they’re successfully booked for their business too’?

If the answer to any of these is yes, I’m here to help! I'm sure you'd like some more social media tips for small businesses, so here's the blog for you!

As you know, I absolutely adore social media for the results it can bring to your business! I think it’s such a fantastic way to build a community around your brand that can inspire, educate, support and, of course, generate business opportunities.

But, if not managed correctly, it can seriously zap our precious time and seeing others smashing it out there can put a great big dent in our self-esteem!

In this blog, I’ve pulled together my top 5 time-saving social media tips for small businesses to help your social media accounts flourish. I hope you find them helpful.

Social media tips for small businesses

1. Concentrate your efforts

My first tip is to avoid spreading yourself too thin!

Instead of trying to market EVERYWHERE and speak to EVERYONE, select three or four main groups you want to build your relationships with. This way, you can really focus your attention and begin to learn more about your followers, your networks and your prospective customers. What issues do they encounter? What products or services would they benefit from? How can you offer solutions?

For more information and helpful hints on understanding the power of Facebook groups and getting the most out of them, head on over to my previous blog!

2. Be selective

It can be exciting to see those notifications pinging on our phones all day and it’s tempting to find out what each one is about. BUT that can soon add up to a lot of wasted time and energy. Neither of which we’re abundant in, right?!

Instead of clicking on ALL notifications, get into the habit of only clicking on the comment ones and responding. The others are pretty pointless when you think about it! Instead, use your time wisely to engage with your audience and show them you’re there to help them.

3. Set time aside

Having a set time of the day to catch up on your social media engagement is a worthwhile routine to adopt. For example, every day at 8pm, I spend 20 minutes checking and replying to comments on my social media accounts. I find that’s the best use of my time, and it prevents me from constantly checking my notifications throughout the day, which can be seriously distracting!

4. Get organised

A few simple processes can make all the difference when it comes to time management for social media! So, I recommend:

  • Creating and scheduling content for your groups or social media accounts in bulk. For example, you could pick one day a week or a month to sit down and review your key messages, research relevant awareness days (the Days of the Year website can be a brilliant resource for a list of awareness days), create your eye-catching content and then schedule it using a content calendar like Radaar (available on AppSumo) or Meta Business Suite.

  • Finding a tool to record your social media ideas. For example, Trello is a great way to capture ideas when you’re on the go or see inspirational ideas. Save screenshots and pop them on a Trello board or record simple ideas to work up later.

Adding a little structure to your social media management, and more importantly, sticking to it, will make a massive difference to your outlook and hopefully your engagement levels.

5. Repurposing social media content

Do you feel like you have to create brand-new content all the time? Lean in closer; you don’t need to! With a bit of planning, it’s possible to repurpose content, therefore, reducing the amount of time you spend on your social media marketing and potentially increasing your reach.

Say you create an educational piece explaining several benefits of a product or service. Later, you could break this up into smaller chunks and share each benefit on a branded graphic. Voila! New content, with hardly any input.

Want more social media tips for small businesses?

Hope you've found these social media tips for small businesses useful, if you’re interested in learning more about repurposing social media content, I teach a great system for it in my Social Savvy School - showing you how you could reuse content from the previous three months.


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