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Updated: Jun 9, 2022

Are you thinking of doing your first social media live, or have you already done a couple but have finished them feeling a bit flat and disappointed?

Speaking to your audience directly in this way is a fantastic opportunity to have an authentic conversation, and get questions and feedback in real-time. As your audience scrolls through their congested social media feeds, it’s also an eye-catching and modern way to capture attention.

I’d love to boost your confidence and help you get the most out of your live posts. So, here are my seven top tips for creating a professional and engaging experience:

1. Lighting

If you want to look fresh-faced and generally more youthful, then natural light will be your best friend! If possible, sit opposite a large window to let as much of it shine on to you as possible. Having lots of natural light pouring into your video space also makes everything look bright, inviting and like you generally know what you’re doing. Looking like you’re sitting in a dingy cupboard is not a good look for anyone! If you’re doing a live in the evening, play around with your lighting to make sure it’s working for you. Watch out for any unsightly shadows or dark spots.

2. Background

Think about what’s going to be in your shot. Tidy up or at least scoop up all of your clutter and hide it off-screen! Maybe you want to select a few key ‘props’ such as a bunch of flowers, a few books or materials that you would like to promote. Subliminal messaging can be enormously powerful! Be careful not to make it look too staged though; people can spot that a mile off.

Remember that going live on social media is a fantastic opportunity for your audience to see the ‘real you’ and get more of an insight into your brand. So, make sure you’re sending the right message with your surroundings.

3. Camera Angle

Have you ever played around with your camera angle whilst taking a selfie? Elevating your camera slightly so that it’s pointing down is definitely the most flattering angle. Having the camera angled up at your face will create dark shadows and create the dreaded double chin!

4. Make Notes

You want your live video to come across as conversational and relaxed, but you don’t want to forget any important details or your call-to-action. Jot down a couple of bullet points and make sure these are easy to glance at whilst you’re talking.

5. Dos and Don’ts

Just because it’s live doesn’t mean it has to be thrown together! Creating a road map of where you want to start and where you want to end up will help you to get the most out of your live experience. A rambling, messy video isn’t anyone’s cup of tea!

Don’t wait for people to join. Remember that those watching on replay will want to hear you get to your key message as soon as possible. Saying hello to people joining adds a friendly, personal touch, and replying to comments and questions is key to creating a dynamic, conversational video.

Be authentic. If something goes wrong, have a good old laugh about it. If you feel yourself getting emotional, run with it. This is a great way to create some intimacy with your audience and help them to get to know the ‘real you’.

6. Don’t forget your call-to-action

You’ve decided to go live for a reason, and that’s because you want something from your audience. You could mention your call-to-action a couple of times so that it’s really clear what you hope to achieve, once at the beginning and then again at the end as a reminder.

7. Aim for at least three minutes

Facebook’s algorithms prioritise longer videos (over three minutes), so don’t be afraid to chat, interact and take your sweet old time! Three minutes may seem like a long time, but you’ll be amazed by how quickly the time goes. Don’t stay on and waffle just for the sake of it though. Once you’ve delivered your prepared road map, finish off with a nice, friendly ending and your all-important call-to-action!

I really hope that you’ve found this blog useful. As well as Lives being great for engagement, I have also created some engaging social media posts. Take a look here.

Emma Whalley x


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