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Why is it important to network during lockdown?

Updated: Jun 13, 2022

We know it’s hard right now and COVID-19 has knocked us for six. But lets think about how we can come out of the daze.

Networking meetings are proving to be a godsend right now for the friendly connections being made.

Here are 7 reasons why online networking meetings are so important right now

1. Imagine if the lockdown lasts till the end of the year, that’s 9 months. If you’ve not been to a networking meeting in that time, all your relationships and connects could have been forgotten and lost completely. It’s important to stay connected.

2. During this time it’s really hard on our mental health. Being with other people is great for a morale boost. Even if it’s not in person, when you’re at the meeting on Zoom you feel like you’re really with everyone. The meetings flow well and it boosts your mood.

3. New people are joining the meetings all the time. People that didn’t have chance before because they were otherwise busy with a shop or work commitments. Now is a great time to meet new people and make new friends.

4. The Gossip Gals Networking meetings are fantastic! Uplifting plus a really great opportunity to showcase your business. You have 5 mins to talk about yourself and your business plus we can screen share to show your business page or website too.

5. Just because your business may be shut for now doesn’t mean it’s closed down. Really you should want your business to be people’s number one priority to go to as soon as restrictions are lifted. By being at the meetings you can stay at the forefront of peoples minds far more than just doing a post in the group.

6. Our networking meetings are for women in the same boat as you. Many of us have children around the house and that doesn’t matter at the Online Zoom Meeting. Different rules apply right now. Don’t feel you can’t come on to the zoom meeting because children might interrupt. There’s the option to mute and go off camera so it’s not a problem

7. Support is needed right now more than ever. Feedback from the meetings tells us people have got support and ideas for their business they hadn’t thought of themselves. When we talk during the meetings you get different perspectives from people that is so valuable.

All meetings are just £7 and can be booked anytime right up to the start of the meeting.

There’s a meeting every couple of weeks available to come to, check out different dates, please visit our events page here.

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